Beauty by Nature - Vanessa Bagley

Beauty by Nature - Vanessa Bagley

Beauty By Nature was started in 1998, ironically in one of the most beautiful areas in the Gold Coast hinterland. The business operated out an ecolodge at Binna Burra situated in the Lamington National Park. With inspiring views there was a constant reminder of the precious environment we are all responsible for and Vanessa Bagley consciously created her own line of healthy skin care which evolved from the notion of complete wellbeing coupled with caring for the environment.

With Vanessa's passion for all things natural and a goal to incorporate Aromatherapy into everyday life she carefully harnessed the power of essential oils to create skin products with beautiful aromas that uplift your mood and emotions.

Every individual product by Beauty By Nature is formulated with careful regard to potency. Their exclusive formulas have produced each product as a hero with it’s own individual aroma profile with specific ingredients. Beauty By Nature works synergistically and by layering, powerful results are achieved on a cellular level.

All of their products are made in Australia using Australian ingredients where possible. Beauty By Nature cares about the environment so packaging is minimal… no boxes! With that in mind it makes the range of products more affordable. Most importantly they support the white bunny logo which means absolutely no animal testing. All products are tested on willing humans.

The beauty of Beauty By Nature is that every product uplifts your emotions with the power of aromatherapy. Essential oils contain thousands of compounds that affect our body to achieve harmony. Aromatherapy is a subtle art and science and while every individual Beauty By Nature product has it’s own specific profile of ingredients it also has it’s own functional aroma profile. No use of synthetic perfumes to fragrance the products.

Beauty By Nature was one of the first cosmetic companies in Australia to use OLIVEM 1000 crystal skin technology from Italy. This emulsifier system is made from olives rather than the synthetic based emulsifiers used in many other brands. The crystals formed adhere to the cells of your skin to form a powerful antiageing regime. Beauty By Nature serums and creams prevent irritation and skin layer weakness by strengthening and supporting the structural skin cell matrix system. Potent, active ingredients contribute to comforting and restoring balance to achieve anti-ageing and clear skin results.

Vanessa's focus is on providing ‘as near to nature as possible’ skin care, therefore, eliminating the use of any nasties such as synthetic fragrance, synthetic colour, sulphates, Parabens, phthalates, petrochemicals, mineral oils, coal or tar.

Put simply, Beauty By Nature is everything you’ve been looking for in natural, organic, effective, affordable skin care.

We both use Vanessa's, Beauty by Nature, products and we can't begin to tell you just how good they are.