Beechmountain Pottery by Jon and Judy Durand

Beechmountain Pottery by Jon and Judy Durand - Common Thread Style

Jon and Judy Durand live in the Gold Coast hinterland, at Beechmont. The couple moved there in 1980 and have become an integral part of their local community. Their pottery business, Beechmountain Pottery, is recognised globally for its beautiful water purifiers and other stonewares.  

"Jon designed our current water filter systems in 1995. This product has brought the highest level of personal and customer satisfaction in our career as manufacturers of pottery, which started in 1974" says Judy.

By combining the 4 elements of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water Beechmountain Pottery produces a large range of beautiful and functional pottery. Used since the late Stone Age, pottery has proven to be an ideal material for cooking and storing, which does not leave unwanted chemicals or metals in the food. They believe stoneware is the perfect non-toxic material for tableware, cookware, and fermentation vessels.

The artists "high fire" all of their stoneware in their kiln to a temperature of approximately 1280 degrees centigrade. Each item is hand made and hand decorated which means there will be a slight variation in size, colour, design, and shape which ensures each piece is uniquely individual!

When purchasing a product from Beechmountain Pottery you know that you are investing in a quality product that will stand the test of time.

We know you will love their pieces as much as we do.