Selkie Knots by Karen Clarke

Selkie Knots by Karen Clarke

We are so excited to have stumbled across the amazing work of Beach Warrior, Karen Clarke. Karen is an Australian Eco artist, weaving creations from salvaged fishing rope, ghost nets, and beach debris. 

Growing up around the ocean, Karen was fortunate enough to spend her days fishing, bodyboarding and beachcombing. Whilst living in Darwin in the 90s, she learned the traditional art of Aboriginal weaving and dyeing. These skills are incorporated into beautiful, eclectic, yet functional pieces. 

Karen is happiest at sea, living and breathing the ocean, and all the beauty it has to offer. She is determined to make a difference in the world by harvesting rope and beach debris and turning it into useable objects d'art. 

Through her passion for the environment and incredible skills, Karen's art is helping to raise awareness on plastic pollution in our oceans as well as supporting beach cleanups and data research through the Tangaroa Blue Foundation.

A portion of the proceeds of each purchase goes towards finding a solution to reducing plastics entering our precious marine environment.