Shellmac Destributors designs by Rod Macleod

Shellmac Destributors designs by Rod Macleod - Common Thread Style

We met Rod and were instantly drawn in by his passion and knowledge of corals and shell varieties. He is a true artist and his ability to create these unique multi-faceted one-off art pieces allow the viewer to be transported to an underwater wonderland. Rod is one of the very few marine decor specialists in Australia and constantly looks at ways to develop new ways of presenting and maximising the beauty of our marine assets.


Rod's work involves processing corals and shells into creations that portray their wondrous shapes, size, and colours into amazing pieces of art in the form of spectacular lamps, sculptures, and specialised customer orders. All of his designs are one-off and handcrafted, often being featured in some of the most beautiful homes in Australia.

He has been involved in importing and exporting marine products for over 30 years. Rod is committed to ensuring that his products are sustainably and ethically sourced. He has the utmost respect for the reefs taking every precaution to make sure that the fragile ecosystems are respected and cared for. 

The coral imported from The Pacific is collected and certified under the strict international CITES convention. One hundred and eighty countries including Australia are signatories to the Convention. Australia and New Zealand are also required under the Convention to assist and educate the Pacific Nations on how to manage and protect their natural resources. Total compliance for each shipment is needed or future orders will not be approved.

The collection method used in the rotation of areas and zones produces a limited impact to the reefs. Documentation of species collected produces clarity and compliance to CITES. So the Islanders get maximum value for their resources, Rod also includes a pre-processing value-adding component for this natural re-growing resource.

Rod is working closely with the Islanders to ensure that they understand the importance of controlled and conservative collection methods, guaranteeing they will have this precious resource in place for future generations.

Rod is very proud of being involved in this industry as well as bringing awareness to the beautiful underwater landscape encouraging people worldwide to protect our precious reefs.