Beech Mountain Yurts by Scott Derrick

Beech Mountain Yurts by Scott Derrick - Common Thread Style

As a teenager, I became enamoured with Tipis and the notion of nomadic cultures and traditions. The idea of stepping away from our fast-paced lifestyle and being a goat herder appeals to me more than I care to admit.

I am a cabinet maker by trade so I started building tipis as a hobby and then discovered the beauty and durability of the yurt as a nomadic dwelling. A Yurt or Ger in Mongolian has been used by nomadic people of the Asian Steppe since before written records began.  It's such a solid and timeless structure with magnificent artistic detail which is still used in many countries today.

I build every inch of these gers by hand, from creating the wood framework, sewing the canvas and ribboning, to planing the wood ceiling beams and painting them in these beautiful vibrant colours.  Seeing the end result makes me so happy and I just love seeing the look on people's faces when they see their yurt come to life once it's erected.  

If's fun to see what clients choose to do with the interiors of the gers, this structure definitely lends itself to a more modern design inside. I think that those personal touches and choices coupled with the traditional Mongolian build means that these tiny homes will continue to be sought after for generations to come. 

Scott Derrick