Antique Markets - Your Design Mecca

Antique Markets - Your Design Mecca - Common Thread Style

If you are looking for ways to enhance your space with unique and soulful pieces that won't break the budget then don't forget to add Markets, antique stores and even op-shops (thrift stores) to your list of places to shop. Some of our most memorable finds have been when we've happened upon a nondescript antique store in a small country town. There is nothing quite like losing yourself in a labyrinth of homewares and objects d'art that are well made and ripe with stories. More often than not we find unique and beautifully crafted pieces that catch our eye. An unexpected discovery of some little (or not so little) treasure not only satisfies the soul but carries with it a unique history. Every piece is a time stamp of sorts, it's style, craftsmanship and design are a product of an intersection of economy, function and cultural status.

The Find

Imagine your excitement when you discover a 200-year-old farm table that would be perfect in your dining room. You may stumble upon a set of dining chairs that could easily be reupholstered in that fabulous vintage material that you bought for a song. What about those perfect bar stools that actually came out of a Parisian bar in the '40s!! Perhaps you'll find fun doorknobs or unusual hooks upon which you can hang your hat collection, or a pile of wire baskets from an old warehouse that would be perfect to present rolled towels in your bathroom vanity. Fabulous pieces of art framed in unique ways that you just couldn't replicate today if you tried. As they say "one man's trash is another man's treasure." The possibilities are endless and these unique pieces will more than likely add great warmth, character, and authenticity to your home. Not to mention the fact that you just won't see them duplicated in anyone else's space! Don't forget to ask if there is a backstory or snippet of history that comes along with the item you are buying. Dealers who have a genuine love of "the find" are equally as interested in the stories that accompany the pieces.

There are venues in the USA such as Brimfield Flea Markets in Massachusetts and Round Top Antiques Fair in Texas, where people flock from all over the US and overseas to scour the acres and acres of stalls packed with vintage wares being sold by thousands of dealers over the course of a week. These markets attract over 50,000 people each week that they are on and are not for the faint of heart, so you will want to come up with a plan to make the most of your time there. You may even be able to bargain a little with dealers and come away with some memorable pieces, knowing you got a great deal. Keep in mind you probably don't have to travel very far from home to be able to score some great market finds, you just have to seek out the thrift stores in your neck of the woods and drop in whenever you are in the area because you just never know when someone might have dropped off a whole treasure trove of goodies at the local op-shop and the shelves are bursting with unique items that won't last long.

Happy hunting!


Kimberley and Georgina

Image via Ruffles & Rust

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